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In Depth with Host Laurence Fishburne is an award-winning educational television series highlighting the evolution of education, medicine, science, technology and industry through inspiring stories.
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About In Depth Series with Host Laurence Fishburne

We’re not content with scratching the surface. We’re “In Depth” Series.


Through this award-winning program, In Depth Series provides a pedestal for breakthroughs and innovations, through long and short-form documentary formats. With a dedicated crew with an expertise in cultivating and capturing unique stories, the team at “In Depth Series with Laurence Fishburne” pushes the envelope with messaging that is purely educational, while relevant to today’s business environments.


The team at In Depth Series understands that each story is wholly its own, and develops each project with the goal of optimal audience engagement. The featured content providers allow for additional expertise and validity, that when merged with the production expertise of the In Depth Series team,  helps organically foster concepts for a viewing audience of millions. In Depth Series wants to capture the essence of every story, and will uniquely profile the story specifics in order to achieve full transparency.


Hailing from Augusta, GA originally, the In Depth Series host Laurence Fishburne has had undeniable success on the stage, television, and movie screen over his career, winning an Emmy award and being an Academy Award Nominee. Mr. Fishburne has appeared in Mystic River, CSI,  the John Wick series, Othello, Boyz N the Hood, and the DC Comic universe just to name a few. His commitment to education and philanthropy confirms him as a perfect host for educational content.

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